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Verwandeln Sie Ihre Teamevents und Ihr Merchandise mit Serious Games in etwas Unvergessliches! Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam kreativ werden!
Gratis Community Event
Puzzle Hunt Escape Game Denksport
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Fühlst Du Dich einem Escape Room auf Steroiden gewachsen? Stürze Dich in ein ganzes Wochenende voller Rätsel gemeinsam mit einer begeisternden Community.
Why has this page changed?

Nothing will change ( except for the link 😉 ). Click on the button for the community event and you are back in familiar territory. :-)

As some of you already know, we decided to found a company so that we can continue to provide enigame as it is now and hopefully make similar events on demand. 💼.
This event will be the 10th enigame and it has been quite the ride over the past 5 years. Getting so many awesome people together that enjoy puzzles and being part of forming this community continues to be blast. The joy, excitement and dedication, that we see in all of you amazing players, truly warms our hearts every time we get to experience it. And we will continue it for many more times to come.
Feedback on the new page is of course always welcome.