Escape Games

To make your next team event something very special, we can provide you with a tailor-made puzzle hunt. This might also take place at your summer party or your own offices.

We have a huge database of riddles - and are always coming up with new ideas. That's why you have free choice in the design of your event:

Duration:between 1 hour and 3 days
Participants:between 30 and 2,000
Difficulty:between picture puzzles and coding challenges

Contact us and let us design your perfect team event together.

Set of beer mats

For relaxed puzzling at a summer party or team event or simply in the beer garden, there is our set of beer mats.

Nine different puzzles are waiting to be solved on one beer mat each. And at the end, they all have to be combined to decode the secret message. This guarantees an exchange with the people sitting next to you – teamwork is key!

The set is available in both German and English. Contact us with your name, your address, the desired language and the expected number of participants of your event so that we can make you an offer!

What does your perfect team event look like?

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