We design problems.

Our passion is logical and creative thinking.
We create brainteasers, puzzles, and riddles. Because, who doesn’t love the exhilaration of a great aha moment?

What we do

We Create Puzzles Tailored to You


Turn your social and teambuilding events into unforgettable happenings.

In-person or online, for small groups as well as across multiple branch offices: We increase your participants’ engagement with a coalescing puzzle hunt!
Depending on your audience, we can keep the brainteasers nice and sweet or make them madly technical.

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Make your merchandise exceptional and stand out from the crowd by including puzzle elements.

From flyers that reveal secret messages upon folding, to mysterious thermal coffee mugs with brain teasers – we create a unique design that suits your company, draws your customers’ attention and is memorable.

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Get creative and let us work together!

From T-shirts and beer mats to websites and assessment centers up to trade fair presences with innovative methods for engaging visitors: We can turn anything into memorable, fun, and intriguing experiences! Contact us and let’s work together to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Some Love For Our Community Event

engiame is the best puzzle huntI know. It caters to both casual and competitive teams, offering endless fun as you race against other teams to solve brilliantly crafted and captivating puzzles.

Christopher Wróbel

enigamer since 2019

What I love about enigame is being around people who enjoy puzzling as much as I do. It's such a thrill when you assemble your friends and vie with other teams. You never know whose turn it is next to have a brilliant idea or even find an ingenious shortcut .


enigamer since 2020

Franziska Schießl

enigamer since 2020

A great variety of puzzles run by an extremely passionate and dedicated team. I've participated in the last three enigames and enjoyed every one!

Jake Andrews

enigamer since 2022

This was overall a super nice event with a lot of good puzzles. I love that it really shows how much time and effort you put into everything (not only the puzzles but also the trailer, the website, the livestream, the announcements, the prizes, Äni and so on) and that you always walk the extra mile for the ultimate experience. Everything always seems very well thought out, and that’s something that separates you from pretty much all the other hunts.

Anna Helenius

enigamer since 2022

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About us


We are one professor and four alumni of the Department of Mathematics of the Technical University of Munich.


Each of our biannual community puzzle events attracts around 1,000 participants from all around the world.


We have been participating in puzzle hunts and events across Europe and America since 2014.


We created and organised our first puzzle hunt in 2019 - and continued twice a year ever since.